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钉箱机 Stapler Box Machine

Brief Introduction:

Max Machine Speed: 500 Stitches/min.
Stitching Pitch: 30~90mm
No. Of Stitch: 1~99
Single Stitching, Double Stitching And Tie Stitching Are Available. “////” “// // //” “// / / / //”
Automatic Counter Ejector Stacks Produces With Setting Sum And Separates Batch Delivery.
Can Do Special Box Without Cover (min. 25mm For First Stitch).
Wire Model:1.8mm With × 0.7mm Thick, Or 2.4mm With × 0.6mm Thick.
Suitable For One Sheet, Or Two Sheets, Or Special Type Carton.
Hmi Operate Interface Is Conversational To Set Up, And Error Message Offer Easy Way For Operator To Do Trouble Shooting.
Quick Order Change By Touch Screen Within 1 Minute.
Suitable For 3 Ply, 5 Ply Box, Also For Box Without Cover