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D系列高速印刷开槽模切机 D- Series High Speed Printing Slotting Die-Cutter

Functions and Features:

1.Whole machine electric parts are domestic famous brand with good and steady quality.

2.Tempering is used to decrease metal internal force in complete machine baffles and key parts, and these parts are made by high-precision processing center and grinded by numeric-control grinder.

3.All the transmission axles and rollers are made by high-quality steel, and processed by tempering and dynamic balance,plated with rigid chrome and grinded surface.
4.All the transmission gears are made by the 45# alloy steel, and are grinded after heat-treatment, which maintains high topping precision.

5.The whole machine adopts spray lubrication, equipped with double oil pipe balance system.

6.Optional equipments: presetting adjustment function,feeding, printing,slotting,all featuring automatic zero setting and memory reposition.

7. Whole machine working interval adjustment, self-lock worm wheel and worm device, fast and convenient. 8.Vacuum adsorption, kick or lead edge feeding to customers request. Option: Ceramic anilox roller and stacker Machine.
Functions of Feeding Unit:

1.Control faceplate function button is concentrated and simple with convenient operation.

2.Electrically-controlled connecting and separating every unit, with alarm to secure operator by consecutive ringing during its processing.

3.It is a kick paper-feeding machine of vacuum adsorption, made of alloy aluminum, light and wear-resisting, with engineering plastic guide rail, equipped with several groups of rolling bearing to reduce the friction between paperboards so as to maintain a steady operation.

4.Left and right baffles ,kick feeding, back baffle adopt manual adjustment

5.Brush and the dedusting device can clear away the impurity from paper face to improve the printing quality.

6.The mainframe is controlled by the frequency conversion, with steady start-up and running , saving about 30% of the power.

7.Infrared photoelectricity counter presets the order processing quantity.

8.One lock function for whole machine avoids damage caused by error operation(The mainframe can’t start up when every unit hasn’t been connected.)

9.Air pressure type elastic feeding rubber roller can’t damage the strength of corrugated cardboard

10.Side baffle add the pneumatic-flapping facilities to make more precise paper horizontal orientation and avoid waste.