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G系列高速印刷开槽模切机 G-Series High Speed Printing Slotting Die-Cutter

Functions and Features:

1.International famous brand electric parts and computer software are used in the whole machine with stable and reliable quality;human-computer interface,computer order storage,convenient operation and faster order update. (It can prestore 999 orders in the computer).

2.Complete computer baffle and important parts use temper to decrease the metal internal force;and all parts are made by high-precision processing center and grinded by numerical-control grinder.
3.All transmission axles and rollers are made by high-quality steel ,and processed through temper and dynamic balance ;plated with rigid chrome and grinded surface.
4.All transmission gears are made by 20 CrMnTi alloy steel,which is grinded after heat-treatment,rigidity HRC58-62,and which is made by rubbing,6 grade precision to maintain high topping precision after long using.
5.All transmission parts(connected with the axles and gears) adopt the hand-free connecting ring to eliminate the interval,suitable for long-term high-speed running.
6.All transmission bearings adopt strengthed model bearing,equipped with dustproof windtight parts and the oiling,handy to maintenance,lasting for longer using.

7.The whole machine undergoes automatic spray lubrication,with intuitionistically showing facilities and double oil pipe balance system.

8.The whole machine runs with the adjustment presetting function ,feeding ,printing, slotting,die cutting all featuring auto zeroing and memory automatic reposition.

9.The whole machine working interval adjustment adopts fast spanner-free adjustment and theelectromagnetic brake system with the worm wheel and worm setting operates fast and conveniently. 10.The mainframe chooses control by conversion frequency ,with more stable and energy-saving start-up and running.

11.Option for the vacuum adsorption,kick feeding or leading edge feeding. Optional equipments:ceramic anilox roller,leading edge feeding system,remote computer diagnosis system,pallet loader.