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高速薄刀纵切压痕机 NC Thin Blade Slitter Scorer
NC ThinBlade Slitter Scorer

Purpose and Characteristics:

◆Design speed: 120m/min.
◆Effective width: 1400mm-2500mm
◆Adopt electromotion lift-lower in order to change the height of paper cutting and indentation, and to fit for the height of paper feeding
.◆Adopts novelty thin edge high speed paper cutting, the incisions are l
evel up and velvet.
◆Auto-grinding edge system can be realized in the process of production, non-stop machine grinding edge, Pneumatic control grinding edge set. according to material and condition of hem, set the interval meter and the grinding time at any moment
.◆The whole set adopt electromotion movement horizontal, assort to the cardboard excursion in effect.
ZQS ThinBlade Slitter Scorer

Purpose and Characteristics:

◆ Design speed:200m/min,250m/min
◆ Can store 999 groups of orders,achieve non-stop machine changing order automatic or manual.

◆ Slitting knife and creasing wheel with servo control any single row, single row fast, accurately.

◆ Front and behind two rows of the creasing wheel configuration, creasing wheel in any combination to achieve zero-pressure line.

◆Automatic tracking production line speed to ensure synchronized,also can connect with the production management system, strong compatibility.

◆ From high-quality imported industrial computers and high-performance programmable controller constitute machine computer control system

◆computer-controlled automatic or manual knife sharpener, knife sharpen while working to improve productivity